Well, as a kid I was a dancer and then I was an acrobat and I was in a circus, after that I went to Theatre College, and then I The Wild Wild West: The Complete Series went to drama school. I’ve kind of done different aspects of it all my life really, performing. I think going into acting, even though we all know Friends – The Complete Series Collection how unreliable acting is, from being a dancer and being in the circus, it was more of the straight job, which was quite ironic. It’s just been something that I’ve always been involved in. My uncle is a producer and my brothers were

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stunt riders and stuff like that, so I was just always around it and it was what I wanted to do. I’ve now got my own production company which I’ve opened this year called Rosebud Pictures and creating film is just my passion, whatever aspect of it I’m doing from developing the story, to raising the finance, to acting in it, to choosing the cast and looking at the locations, just creating a movie, for me, it’s all I want to be doing. Again, it’s my passion.