I’m not a big fan of crime dramas, obviously Project Runway Season 9 DVD Box Set there are some that break through my filter (mainly Scorsese and Mann films) but I kind of dug the new Australian film Animal Kingdom. The film is not perfect, it drags a bit and it feels hollow but it was able to keep my interest House M.D Season 8 DVD Box Set all the way through and I became invested in the plot. The film follows an Australian teen Josh (James Frecheville) who moves in with his criminal extended family, Guy Pearce plays the police inspector who makes it his goal to bring down the family using Josh as his inside man. I don’t understand the Jacki Weaver nomination, she plays Ken Loach At The BBC DVD Box Set the matriarch of the family and honestly I didn’t notice anything special in her performance, her spot should have been filled by Lesley Manville from Another Year but that is a different article. I’d definitely recommend this one to fans of the crime genre, and anyone who is looking for a genuinely interesting story. Here’s a clip.