What happened to Doug Linman? In the 90s he offered audiences both Swingers and Go, two films packed with wit and 101 Dalmatians DVD Box Set originality, both are in heavy rotation on my DVD player. He now seems to be an action director (offering us some good stuff with The Bourne Identity but was then quickly usurped by Paul Greengrass) and his latest film Fair Game seems to continue Torchwood Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set with this trend. Based on a true story, Naomi Watts stars as a C.I.A agent whose cover is leaked by the government after her husband (Sean Penn) writes a damning article on the Bush administration.

To be fair the plot sounds pretty

The Office (US) Season 8 DVD Box Set

damn interesting and far more thought out than Linman’s recent efforts (Jumper and Mr. & Mrs. Smith), plus a strong cast with pretty good word of mouth. I’m going to try and check this out if I can find somewhere near me playing it. Here’s the trailer.